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The Power of Kambo

'Kambo' is a secretion produced by the skin glands of the Phyllomedusa bicolor (the giant monkey tree frog) a bright green tree frog native of northern Brazil, eastern Peru, southeastern Columbia, and parts of Venezuela, Bolivia, and the Guianas. The secretion contains bioactive peptides familiar to the human body and recognized as a natural substance. Kambo is recorded to have been used by up to 53 tribes but today only 13 tribes remain who use it and these include the Matses, Yawanawá, Katukina and Apurina. The tribal people call the frog from the jungle and collect the waxy, natural chemical substance scraping it onto a short stick where it sets almost like varnish. The collected kambo is then applied to the skin buy introducing it into the body through very small superficial burns that are made with a thin bamboo stick. Kambo immediatley flows through the lymphatic system. The body unlocks to Kambo at a cellular level which allows it to clean out deposits left in our cells by foreign substances. The effects of kambo medicine take hold and the person receiving it goes through a process of deep healing on three levels - the body, mind and spirit. 

Kambo has the ability, unlike many other natural and pharmaceutical substances to cross the blood brain barrier and produce its effects at the level of the brain. Human cells open themselves to the beneficial properties of Kambo, unlike many other substances that are filtered and eliminated by the body's highly intelligent defense system. It knows exactly what we need to cleanse, purify and bring our body back to our natural state of wellbeing and balance.


The Benefits of Kambo

The benefits of Kambo assists in aiding the bodies natural ability to heal from a wide range of physical and emotional difficulties such as the following:

  • Addictions

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Fatigue

  • Deep rooted trauma

  • Chronic pain

  • Deep rooted toxins


  • Autoimmune Disorders

  • Energetic blocks

  • Migraines

  • Skin conditions

  • Blood circulation

  • Cancer

  • HIV & Aids

  • Candida

  • Gastrointestinal Issues

  • Lyme disease

  • Fertility problems

Leaves Shadow

I was taught how to traditionally work with this medicine in the same way the Matses tribe from Peru have for thousands of years

My History with Kambo

I started my journey with the frog in 2017 in an effort to further my healing process. I immediately felt it working as I was able to heal parts of myself that still needed healing. Kambo was able to bring things to the surface that needed love, care and attention. By bringing my focus to these areas of my life I was able to do the integrative work. I strongly felt the effects it had on my relationships with family and friends, as well as with the challenges I faced due to ADHD. It was the start of a beautiful relationship between the frog and I. After participating in several ceremonies over a few years, I felt the relationship becoming stronger and felt the calling to learn how to serve the medicine safely. I was taught how to traditionally work with this medicine in the same way the Matses tribe from Peru have for thousands of years. I learned from a Master Kambo trainer, who lived in the jungle for many years and learned directly from the Matses. I was certified in serving Kambo through the Rainforest healing center and strongly believe in authenticity and tradition. 

  2 day Kambo Ceremony:  $360             3 day Kambo Ceremony:   $500 

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